Wedding of Hanne Neilsen and Robert Taylor
Brisbane, Saturday 7th June 2003

Bridal Party

Do that again please Hanne Taylor
Signing on the dotted line Bridesmaids, Hanne and Ib Neilsen
Sue Neilsen, Hanne's mother Cutting the Cake
Hanne and Ib Neilsen (From left) Robert, Caitlyn and David Taylor
(From left) Rebecca, Dakota, David and Abigail Taylor Margaret and Dakota
Rebecca Caitlyn and Abigail
Margaret, Clive and Abigail The Bridal Table
Sally, Hanne's grandmother Caitlyn Taylor
Dakota Taylor Belinda Burns
Abigail Taylor Clive and Neal
Abigail and Rebecca Taylor Neal Taylor
Margaret and Neal Clive, Hanne and Margaret
Stephanie and Neal Kent and Rebecca
Rebecca, Clive and Abigail Robert