Abbreviations in Australian World War 1 Military Records

2LT Second Lieutenant (Platoon Commander)
A/ Acting / Assistant
Abdo Abdomen/Abdominal
Adj, Adjt Adjutant (administrative officer with a Battalion or equivalent unit, normally a Captain)
ADBD Australian Division Base Depot (numbered in accordance with the Division)
AGBD Australian General Base Depot
AIBD Australian Infantry Base Depot
AIEF Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force
AIF Australian Imperial Force
AAH Australian Army Hospital
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
AAOC Australian Army Ordnance Corps
AAQMG Acting Assistant Quartermaster General
AASC Australian Army Service Corps
AAVC Australian Army Vetenary Corps
Acc Accidental
ADH Australian District Hospital
AGH Australian General Hospital
AM Albert Medal (for Life saving, in Gold (1st Class) or Bronze (Second Class), and can be awarded for Land or Sea. Later made equivalent to the George Cross or George Medal).
AM1 Air Mechanic Grade 1
AM3 Air Mechanic Grade 3
AM2 Air Mechanic Grade 2
Amp Amputated
AN&MEF Australian Navy and Military Expeditionary Force
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
AOR At Own Request
AWL Absent Without Leave
Bar A medal awarded more than once (eg two award of the MC are known as MC and Bar)
Batt Battalion (an infantry unit of up to four companies commanded by a LT COL)
BDR Bombardier (Artillery rank equivalent to Corporal)
BEF British Expeditionary Force
BGROC Broad Gauge Rail Operating Company
Bn Battalion (an infantry unit of up to four Companies commanded by a LT COL)
BRIG Brigadier-General (commander of a Brigade of 3 or 4 Battalions
BRIT British
CAPT Captain (second in command of a company or acting company commander)
CB Confined to Barracks
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
CdeG Croix de Guerre (French gallantry award)
C in C Commander in Chief (commander in a theatre of war).
CO Commanding Officer (of a battalion or equivalent unit) See also OC
Co/Coy Company (sub-unit of a battalion, commanded by a Major)
COL Colonel (commander of a brigade)
CORP/CPL Corporal (commander of a section of 10 or so soldiers)
Cpt Captured
CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant (rank of staff sergeant, second highest ranking NCO in a Company)
CSM Company Sergeant Major (rank of warrant officer class 2, the highest ranking NCO in a company)
C'Town Capetown, South Africa
CYC BN Cyclist Battalion
DAC Divisional Ammunition Column
DAH Defective Aorta Heart
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal (level 2 award for solders up to the rank of Warrant Officer
DEF Defective
DISCH Discharged
DIS Disembarked
DIV Division (Unit consisting of three brigades plus supporting arms and services)
DOA Died of Accident
DOI Died of Illness
DOW Died of Wounds
DSO Distinguished Service Order (level 2 award for officers)
DTN Detention
DUS Depot Unit Supply
DVR Driver (rank equivalent to Private
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
ENG England
EVAC Evacuated/Evacuation
FAB Field Artillery Brigade
FCE Field Company Engineers
FD Field
FM Field Marshal (Highest officer rank)
FRACT Fractured
GEN General (Commander of an Army)
GNR Gunner (artillery rank equivalent to Private)
GOC General Officer Commanding
GSW Gunshot Wound
HMAT His Majesty's Australian Transport
HQ Headquarters
HS Hospital Ship
ICC Imperial Camel Corps
IHL Incarceration and Hard Labour
IMP Imperial, Imprisoned
INJ Injured (as oppposed to wounded)
KIA Killed in Action
LBS Pounds weight (450gm)
L/CPL, LCPL Lance Corporal (Second in Command of a Section)
Ld'H Legion d'Honneur, French gallantry award
LROC Light Rail Operating Company
L/SGT, LSGT Lance Sergeant (a semi-official rank which generally denoted a Corporal as the temporary 2IC of a Platoon, but wearing the same three stripes as a Sergeant)
LTCOL, LT COL Lieutenant Colonel (commander of a battalion or equivalent unit)
LT, LIEUT Lieutenant (commander of a platoon)
LTGEN, LT GEN Lieutenant General (Commander of a Corps of two or three Divisions)
LTMB Light Trench Mortar Battery
MAJ Major (Commander of a company or equivalent unit)
MAJ GEN Major General (Commander of a Division of three Brigades)
MC Military Cross (Level 3 award for officers)
MEF Mediterranian Expeditionary Force
MGB Machine Gun Battalion
MGC Machine Gun Company
MM Military Medal (Level three award for soldiers and Warrant Officers)
MIA Missing in Action
MID Mentioned in Despatches (Level four award for all ranks)
MSM Meritorious Service Medal (Awarded rarely for gallantry, more often for efficient and effective service)
MTC Mechanised Transport Company
MU Medically Unfit
NEG Negligent/Negligently
NAB Not Available
NTH North
NZEF New Zealand Expeditionary Force
OBE Order of the British Empire (Awarded for gallantry, but more often for effective/efficient service)
OC Officer Commanding (a Company sized unit or subunit)
OIC Officer in Charge (generally in respect of an administrative unit)/td>
OTB Overseas Training Battalion
OZ Ounces weight (28.35gm)
PNR Assault Pioneer (latterly, the soldiers acting as engineers within a Battalion, but as a unit, engineers more often associated with offensive action such as minelaying.)
POW Prisoner of War
PTE Private (lowest rank in the Army)
Prev Previously
PS Penal Servitude
QM Quartermaster (normally a Captain in a Battalion)
QMS Quartermaster Sergeant (normally a Staff Sergeant within a Company)
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RECS Records
RFTS Reinforcements
RN Royal Navy
RNR Royal Navy Reserve
RTA Returned to Australia
RPM Rounds per Minute
RTD Returned to Duty
RSM Regimental Sergeant Major (WO1, the highest non-commissioned rank within a Battalion)
RTE Returned to England
S/A Served As
SAN Sanitation
SECT Section (a squad of 8-12 men commanded by a Corporal, where there are three or four sections to a Platoon)
SDN Squadron <(Cavalry/Light Horse equivalent of a Company)/td>
SGH Stationary General Hospital
SGT Sergeant (second in command of a Platoon)
S/SGT, SSGT Staff Sergeant (ssecond highest ranking NCO in a company, generally the QMS)
SIG Signals/Signaller
SIW Self Inflicted Wound
SMLE Small Magazine Lee Enfield .303in Rifle 1910-1960
SNLR Services No Longer Required
SPR Sapper (Engineer rank equivalent to Private)
SS Shell Shock/Steam Ship
STH South
SW Shrapnel wound
T/ Temporary - as in T/Corporal
TB Tuberculosis
TOS Taken on Strength
TPR Trooper (Cavalry/Light Horse equivalent to Private)
TRG Training
TS Transport Ship / Troop Ship
VAD Ventricular Aorta Dysfunction
VC Victoria Cross (Level one award for gallantry, all ranks)
VD Volunteer Decoration / Venereal Disease
VET Vetinary
WIA Wounded in Action
WO1 Warrant Officer Class 1 (Regimental Sergeant Major or equivalent in other units/trades)
WO2 Warrant Officer Class 2 (Company Sergeant Major or equivalent in other units/trades)